Dissemination of the CIVIC project


A. Guamei, M. Al-Rakhami, M. Mehedi Hassan, V. Hugo C. de Alburquerque, D. Camacho. “An Effective Approach for Rumor Detection of Arabic Tweets Using eXtreme Gradient Boosting Method”. Transactions on Asian and Low-Resource Language Information Processing. In Press, April 2021.

Huertas-García, Á., Martín, A., Huertas-Tato, J., & Camacho, D. (2021). “Profiling Hate Speech Spreaders on Twitter: Transformers and Mixed Pooling”. In CLEF 2021

Huertas-García, Á., Huertas-Tato, J., Martín, A., & Camacho, D. (2021). “CIVIC-UPM at CheckThat! 2021: integration of transformers in misinformation detection and topic classification. In CLEF 2021”

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Huertas-García, A., Martín, A., Huertas-Tato, J. & Camacho, D. (2021, September). “Evaluación de modelos multilingües pre-entrenados en similitud semántica para la lucha contra la desinformación”. In XIX Conference of the Spanish Association for Artificial Intelligence(pp. 523-528). 978-84-09-30514-8

Journals, special issues and workshops

I Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Disinformation (AIDisinfo 2021)

For the Conference of the Spanish Association of Artificial Intelligence (CAEPIA)

InfodemicsAIHC: Special Issue on Infodemics

Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing (AIHC)

Conferences and keynotes

Iberian Media Research and Fact-Checking (IBERIFIER): Kick-off meeting

Description of how the CIVIC project works and how it can be integrated in the fact-checking process

Universidad de Granada: discussion "Post Truth to debate: Technology and Post Truth"

Introduction to the problem of misinformation in social media and explanation of CIVIC, with a focus on the analysis of social networks

LVIII monographic course of national defense (CEDESEN): cyberspace as a conflict space

Explanation of the concept 'Cyberspace', the presence of information disorders inside it and how projects like CIVIC work to mitigate their effects

5th EAI International Conference on Advanced Hybrid Information Processing (EAI ADHIP 2021)

Summary of the CIVIC project as part of the presentation of how AI helps us counter information disorders, such as misinformation

CHIST-ERA 2021 European Conference

Dissemination of the CIVIC project and the facts verification tool we are developing


Models released at the HuggingFace Hub

Models by AIDA-UPM trained for textual semantic similarity


Press releases and prizes

CIVIC, one of the three selected projects by Fundación BBVA

News from Technical University of Madrid

The app of CIVIC, among the six finalists in the Call for solutions 'Tech against Disinformation'

This call is an initiative of Digital Future Society in collaboration with CCMA, EFE Verifica, Newtral and Verificat

The member of CIVIC Álvaro Huertas, finalist in the Contest #HiloTesis, receives his diploma

All PhD students could participate by publishing a Twitter thread explaining their thesis. Huertas' thesis is about misinformation

Talks and debates

VIII Bioinformatics Student Symposium

Work selected to be presented in the event on October 18th and 19th

Universities and other entities working on CIVIC

Applied Intelligence and Data Analysis research group (AI+DA)

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid – Campus Sur

C/ Alan Turing, s/n (Carretera de Valencia, Km 7)

28031 Madrid, Spain